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General dentistry, often referred to as conservative dentistry, mainly deals with dental caries prevention, that is with tooth decay prophylactics and effective treatment of the tooth’s hard tissues already attacked by decay, in order to preserve its vitality and natural look – aesthetics. However, it is often the case that decay process is so advanced that simple conservative procedures will not work. Therefore, thanks to contemporary endodontics (root canal treatment), our doctors treat each tooth with every method available so as to prevent its loss.

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Children’s dentistry deals with specialized conservative treatment of younger patients. It takes into consideration various kinds of children’ behaviour, which depend on their age and differences in the structure of their teeth. The contact between a child and a dentist shapes an approach of a patient towards his/ her visits in a dentist’s room. Therefore, it is important to choose such a dentist who will be able to reach the child and understand his/her needs. In the case of children with a negative approach we offer treatment in general anaesthesia or sedation.

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Dental surgery and periodontology focuses mainly on problems linked to various diseases of soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity. The procedures which are usually performed involve: extraction (removal) of a tooth, surgery treatment of lost tissues, implants’ insertion. All the surgery/periodontology procedures are preceded by thorough diagnostics, when necessary there are some consultations with other specialists. Thanks to strict cooperation with the specialists from other branches, doctors are able to prepare the patients for future orthodontic and prosthetic treatment.

We can carry out all the procedures in general anesthesia or sedation.

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Dental prosthetics deals with reconstruction and rehabilitation of chewing organs. It reinstates the initial conditions, which after the years or as a result of some unfortunate events have lost their functional and aesthetic value. Our teeth are endangered by a number of harmful factors, which lead to changes in their structure and number. Therefore, after the loss of our natural teeth prosthetic treatment is a ‘life boat’ for keeping a beautiful smile.

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Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with the correction of disproportionate jaw There is a variety of possible methods and, therefore, the treatment can be applied for every patient, regardless of his/her age. The choice of the method depend on the age of a patient, as well as on the level of advancement of the disproportion.

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Dentist carefully looks jaw X-rays at computer monitor in dental clinic.

In every branch of medicine, and in dentistry too, a proper diagnosis plays a significant role for the process of choosing the adequate treatment. Therefore, RTG or tomography scans are essential. We offer a possibility to use our specialized X-Ray room to both our patients as well as to the patients of other clinics.

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